Cappadocians and Platonism
The thought of the Cappadocian Christian thinkers of the fourth century (especially Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa,...
Bnaventure (c. 1214-1274) developed a Christocentric theological system, abundant in symbolic references, in which he...
Academic Scepticism
Philosophical movement which dominated Plato’s Academy from the 3rd century until the beginning of the 1st...
Portraits of Socrates
The image of Socrates as preserved in copies of sculpted portraits of the Late Classical and Hellenistic period...
The Case of Hypatia
Philosopher, mathematician and astronomer who flourished in the late years of the 4th and early 5th century CE at Alexandria.
the last successive head (diadochos) of the Neoplatonic school of Athens in the sixth century C.E., a commentator of Plato and an original metaphysician.
Dialogue of the middle Platonic period on the topic of knowledge.
Plato and poetry
Plato’s polemic against poetry is undermined by a paradox: his own dialogues square with the characterization poetic. At any rate, it appears that the philosopher himself lays claim to the...
The Case of Hypatia Damascius Theaetetus Plato and poetry