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Historical events of the 428/7-348/7 period (or 431-338 BC)

Plato was born approximately three years after the start of the Peloponnesian War and died nine years before the Battle of Chaeronea.

Within that century, Athens and Greece at large were shaken by huge battles and experienced critical political reversals.

Peloponnesian War

431 BC The Peloponnesian War commences.

429 Pericles falls victim to the plague that annihilated nearly one third of Athens' population.

428 Birth of Plato.

421 Peace of Nicias.

415 The Sicilian Expedition; the Athenian army and fleet are destroyed.

411 A coup overthrows democracy in Athens, replacing with the short-lived oligarchy of the Four Hundred.

406 The Athenians emerge victorious at the Battle of Arginusae; the victorious Athenian generals are subsequently executed.

405 The Athenian Fleet is destroyed at Aegospotami. 404 End of the Peloponnesian War with Sparta’s victory.

404 The Spartans impose on Athens the regime of the Thirty Tyrants; a leading figure among them is Critias, Plato’s uncle.

403 The democracy is restored.

399 Socrates is put on trial; he is convicted and executed.

Theban ascendancy

394 Battle of Coronea – establishment of Spartan supremacy.

387 Plato’s Academy is founded. 386 The (Persian) King’s Peace.

371 The Thebans defeat the Spartans at Leuctra.

370 Epaminondas liberates Messenia – Theban supremacy

The Rise of Macedon

360 Philip II accedes to the Macedonian throne.

356 Birth of Alexander.

355 The Macedonians capture Amphipolis and Olynthus.

347 Death of Plato.

[338 Battle of Chaeronea – Macedon crushes the allied forces of Athens and Thebes.]

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